Chose Life, Not Tobacco | Smoking is a habit that drains your money and kills your slowly, one puff after another…. | Smoking helps you to relax…………….in Death-bed | Smoking is injurious not only to you, but for the ones around you also… Quit before it’s late | Smoking Leaves an Unseen Scar, It fill your Insides with Toxins and Tar | Only a fool would put his lips, at the other end of a burning fie. | Irony is, Tobacco companies kill their Best Customers. | You’re a Fool, if you think smoking is cool. | Tar the Roads, not your lungs. | Be brighter, put down the lighter. | Put the smoke out, before it put you Out. | Who’s going to retire on your hard-earned dollars…….you or some tobacco company executive? | A Friend in Deed won’t make you smoke that weed. | Smokers die young, be smart, don’t start. | Every time you light up A cigarette, you are saying that your life isn’t worth Living…. | Don’t let being on a ventilator ultimate become, the reason you eventually quit smoking. Save lungs while you can. | If your can’t stop smoking…. Cancer will. | Cigarettes are like Squirrels, They are perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire.

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