Choose Life, Not Tobacco         |         Smoking is a habit that drains your money and kills your slowly, one puff after another….         |         Smoking helps you to relax… in Death-bed         |         Smoking is injurious not only to you, but for the ones around you also… Quit before it’s late         |         Smoking Leaves an Unseen Scar, it fill your Insides with Toxins and Tar         |         Only a fool would put his lips, at the other end of a burning fie.         |         Irony is, Tobacco companies kill their Best Customers.         |         You’re a Fool, if you think smoking is cool.         |         Tar the Roads, not your lungs.         |         Be brighter, put down the lighter.         |         Put the smoke out, before it put you Out.         |         Who’s going to retire on your hard-earned dollars… You or some tobacco company executive?         |         A Friend in Deed won’t make you smoke that weed.         |         Smokers die young, be smart, don’t start.         |         Every time you light up A cigarette, you are saying that your life isn’t worth Living….        |         Don’t let being on a ventilator ultimate become, the reason you eventually quit smoking. Save lungs while you can.         |         If you can’t stop smoking…. Cancer will.         |         Cigarettes are like Squirrels. They are perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire.

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Story of Roshan Wankhede, 17 year-old Gutka Addict & Cancer Survivor

Roshan Wankhede is all of 17 years. He is from a small village in the Amravati district. The family lives on farming; money is difficult to come by. Roshan’s parents are waiting for him to finish his education and start earning so that their monetary problems can be solved. Roshan would have passed his HSC exams next year, but he will not be able to. Doctors say that Roshan is suffering from last-stage mouth cancer and may not live another year.

Letter from Satya Prakash Tiwari to Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad

Mr. Satya Prakash Tiwari: Tounge cancer survivor

Satya Prakash Tiwari: Tongue cancer survivor

Satya Prakash Tiwari developed tongue cancer following habit of gutka chewing. He underwent surgery followed by radiotherapy 2 years back.

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