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Tobacco Victim urges government to implement new Pictorial Warning

In an exclusive breaking news New X Channel exposed the alleged Government – Tobacco Nexus, the nexus that is costing the lives of India’s most vulnerable, the poor and the country’s youth. Even after 2 years the Govt notified the pictorial warnings to be used on cigarette and gutka packets, the tobacco companies are still dragging their feet on the issue. The deadline for implementing the order expired on 1st December. Devendra Singh, the cancer patient associated with the Voices of Tobacco Victims campaign was live on TV as the painful experiences of the oral cancer victims and the importance of pack warnings. The scientific and statistical inputs were given by Voluntary Health Association of India.

Kindly click on the link below to watch the story telecasted:

Story of Roshan Wankhede, 17 year-old Gutka Addict & Cancer Survivor

Roshan Wankhede is all of 17 years. He is from a small village in the Amravati district. The family lives on farming; money is difficult to come by. Roshan’s parents are waiting for him to finish his education and start earning so that their monetary problems can be solved. Roshan would have passed his HSC exams next year, but he will not be able to. Doctors say that Roshan is suffering from last-stage mouth cancer and may not live another year.

Voice of Tobacco Victims writes to Anna Hazare: “Rescue us from Tobacco-industry related corruption”

Shri Anna Hazare
Subject: While other forms of corruption makes us poorer, corruption in Tobacco is killing 1 million Indian every year and many of them are young!

Dear Annaji,
We, the victims of corrupt practices of many Ministers of this Government, write to you to extend our support and to thank you for your worthy endeavour towards purging the society and the Government of corruption. We’re survivors of cancers caused by tobacco, who are with you in your struggle to ensure that the Government is run by people who don’t harbour and promote private interests at the cost of public interests. In India, we lose 1 million lives every year to the use of tobacco, which is a habit that is picked up at a very early age in the absence of any clear warnings about its detrimental health effects.
Pictorial warnings, which are an important provision of our tobacco control law, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 (COTPA) were first notified in July, 2006. These were to be implemented by Feb, 2007 but were delayed and diluted numerous times by a Group of Ministers (GOM) with known tobacco industry interests. It took a Supreme Court judgment to enforce this provision in 2009. As per law, the pictorial warnings are to be changed every year but a GOM with known tobacco interests have been repeatedly delaying its implementation.
A recent RTI makes clear that this Group, comprises of  Pranab Mukherjee, who comes from a bidi rolling constituency; Praful Patel, who is a known bidi king and has made millions by selling death to young consumers in the form of bidis; Jaipal Reddy has an experience of over two decades of fighting for tobacco issues. This group has been intervening in a health related area, which is not part of their mandate to serve their own tobacco interests. Abhishek Manu Singhvi (Congress Rajya Sabha member) is in the payroll of Gutka/Pan Masala industry, Arun Jaitly ( BJP leader of opposition in Rajya sabha) is a lawyer of Indian Tobacco Company. There are several MPs and MLAs who directly and indirectly patronize this sinful industry. Tobacco Companies offer huge sums of money to the election funds of political parties. Government makes laws that are favorable to the tobacco Industry rather than the public. Moreover, law enforcing agency turn a blind eye to violations of anti-tobacco laws for obvious reasons. Rather than discouraging tobacco industry, GOI conferred highest civilian award to the Chairman of a leading cigarette company in year 2011.

We urge you, Annaji, to fight this battle against corruption on our behalf. We urge you, to fight this battle against merchants of death. We urge you, to fight this battle for a healthier India. We urge you, to take up the issue of pictorial warnings with the Government and ask them to not delay its implementation any further. You’re our lone saviour.
We hope that you will not disappoint us and help us in saving the lives of many like us.

Smokers Deepak Kumar & Dr Rajendra Kerkar talk about cancer hazards of tobacco addiction

“Seventeen years ago, I lost my voice due to constant smoking for 25-30 years,” says Deepak Kumar, a throat cancer survivor, at a talk held at the Tata Memorial Hospital. The talk, Voices of the Victims, invited a number of patients diagnosed with tobacco-related cancer to speak about harmful effects of tobacco products on the eve of World Anti-Tobacco Day.

Ziyad Madon, Posted: May 30, 2009 at 0421 hrs IST

“It is not an informed choice,” Kumar says, responding to a question on the responsibility of smokers in maintaining health. People often do not realize that products like gutka can be harmful and due to misleading advertisements they consider these products to be harmless mouth fresheners. The problem, according to Dr Rajendra Kerkar, is that once a person becomes addicted to tobacco, breaking the habit is difficult.

Kerkar, a cancer specialist at the Tata Memorial Hospital, has been a smoker for years. He knows the risks as he has already been operated upon for tongue cancer. Yet he cannot quit, as the addiction is too strong.

Because of these kinds of reasons, it’s tough to convince people through anti-tobacco campaigns. This can be achieved only by implementing laws like anti-smoking law.

Second-hand smoking should also be prevented to protect non-smokers from the harms of nicotine. However, many of the victims of tobacco abuse believe that a harder stance must be taken, and that like other harmful substances such as opium, tobacco also should be banned. The problem, they say, is that the government treats tobacco “as a source of revenue,” a practice which must stop, if the anti-tobacco movement is to have any chance of success.

The victims believe that it is their mission to educate others about the ills of tobacco, and to ensure that no one else goes through what they have.

On May 31, legislation comes into force mandating that all tobacco products display pictorial warnings showing the harms caused by tobacco— a victory for those who, like Kumar, fight against tobacco.


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