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Dr Reddy Inaugurates Tobacco Free Andhra Pradesh Campaign

Dr Reddy organized “Say No to Tobacco Campaign” on 27th May 2012 at Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad. Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma and actor Bharat Reddy graced the occasion. Several college students, young executives, patients, cancer survivors and oncologists from various hospitals participated in the event. An 8-year-old-boy who was a cancer survivor broke and crushed a big dummy cigarette on stage, and a small girl wore a dress that said “Papa Please don’t Smoke – your Smoking puts mom, you and me at risk”.

Dr Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Hospital said, “Thirty years ago, WHO declared that tobacco was lethal. It is sad that we are still allowing this lethal product to be used freely! We should all join hands to put a stop to tobacco, so that the next generation will not see tobacco in any form in the market!”

Police Commissioner Aunrag Sharma said that despite having been a smoker for 15 years, he had quit completely. He urged all  smokers to immediately quit at one go, instead of trying to do it slowly.

Dr Vijay Anand Reddy and other oncologists urged the Police Commissioner –

  1. To include tobacco control violations as part of the monthly crime report
  2. To designate one senior officer as Nodal Officer for tobacco control in the State
  3. To ensure that there was no sale of tobacco within 100 yards of educational institutes
  4. To ensure that there was no sale of tobacco to minors
  5. To strictly implement no-smoking-policy in public places, especially  cafes

The Police Commissioner promised to implement these.

At the end, actor Bharat Reddy made everyone take a pledge –

  • I will quit smoking and chewing tobacco!
  • I will never ever smoke or chew tobacco!
  • I will never allow anyone around me to smoke or chew tobacco!
  • I will be a brand ambassador for anti tobacco campaign and strive to make my nation tobacco free!

CMs of 11 States Pledge Support for Banning Gutka, Khaini, Pan Masala etc.

To fight the growing menace of chewing tobacco products, 11 chief ministers have pledged their support to curb this growing menace in their states. Chief Ministers of Assam, Goa, Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Gujarat agreed to do on behest of victims of oral cancer, doctors and tobacco control advocates of their states. The victims along with oncologists met their respective Chief Ministers and urged them to protect the people of their states from the harmful effects of tobacco products, implementing stringent pictorial warnings, putting an end to indirect advertising, stopping sale near educational institutions, increasing taxation on all tobacco products. Despite the Supreme Court Order banning plastic gutka pouches, the Gutka, pan masala and other smokeless tobacco products are still widely sold in plastic pouches. The enforcement agencies need to take actions against violators.

The Chief Ministers of these states were prompted into action when approached by doctors and victims of oral cancers, on behalf of Voice of Tobacco Victims in their respective states. All the Chief Ministers assured the victims of their commitment by signing a pledge calling for a ban on tobacco products. The pledge states that “I will raise my voice against this issue and support all initiatives to rid India of this menace and help save millions of Indian lives”.

It is heartening that custodians of health of the state have come out openly against tobacco and have pledged their support for tobacco control. We salute all those CMs who have come out openly and urge those whom we could not reach and those who are still not decided about their stand on this issue, to support this initiative to rid India of this menace.

India has the highest number of oral cancer in the world with 75, 000 to 80, 000 new cases of oral cancers a year. Gutka and other forms of chewing tobacco sold in small pouches across the country has become a very serious health hazard. Since Gutka and Pan Masala are marketed as mouth fresheners, its habit starts at a very young age. Due to its flavoured taste, easy availability and low price, it is popular among children, youth and women. Gutkha use is becoming an alternative choice in India as our social mores do not permit children or women to smoke cigarettes.

A recent report by experts of National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW) on the harmful effects of gutka informs that the number of Oral Cancer cases in India alone is 86 per cent of the oral cancer figures across the world. What is more shocking, is that the chewing tobacco and gutka contribute to 90 per cent of oral cancer cases in the country. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS 2010) released last year reveals that, nearly one third of Indian population is addicted to smokeless tobacco. A large number of children and youth in India are addicted to smokeless tobacco.

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Uttar Pradesh
Dr Vivekanand Singh, Kanpur

Dr Viendra Singh, SMS Hospital, Jaipur
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Dr Dileep Kar, Kalinga Hospital, Bhubaneshwar

Dr Amal Kataki, B Barooah Cancer Centre, Guwahati
Dr Ashok Das, B Barooah Cancer Centre, Guwahati

Madhya Pradesh
Dr RK Panday, Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital, Bhopal

Dr Rajiv Ranjan Prasad, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna

Dr Zahid Khan, Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi

Dr Paul Sebastian, Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum

Arunanchal Pradesh
Dr Shyam Tsering, Cancer Center, Itanagar

Dr Shankar Deb Roy, Cancer Center, Kohima

Dr Gautam Majumdar, Cancer Center, Agartala

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