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VoTV was done to support the #LivesBachaoSizeBadhao campaign Press Conference at Trivandrum Press Club, Kerala


VoTV was conducted in a press conference supporting 85% pack warning, in Kerala by Dr. Paul Sebastian VoTV patron. Shri M Jayachandran, well-known music composer, singer and musician launched the online petition campaign #LivesBachaoSizeBadhao in Kerala and appealed to the Union Health Ministry to implement 85 per cent pack warnings with effect from 1 April 2015. He signed it live before the gathered media, publicly endorsing his support to the cause.

Live VoTV with Kerala Chief Minister at Chief Minister’s office Secretariat, Trivandrum

VoTV patron Dr. Jayakrishnan, VoTV patient and Tobacco free Kerala team meeting the Taxes Secretary for tobacco taxes.

VoTV patron Dr. Jayakrishnan, VoTV patient and Tobacco free Kerala team meeting the Taxes Secretary for tobacco taxes.

VoTV patrons Dr. Paul Sebastian and Dr. Jayakrishnana, with Tobacco Free Kerala team and VoTV patient had meetings with the Chief Minister and Secretary for Taxes in the state for advocating on tobacco taxes.

Shri Oomen Chandy, Hon’able CM Kerala was met by Dr Paul Sebastian and briefed the Chief Minister about the harms of tobacco, especially bidis, and pointed out bidis are not being taxed in Kerala. The Chief Minister readily agreed the fact that bidi industry is in crisis in Kerala with scant workers employed in them. We also told him most of the bidis used by Kerala users are being brought from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other states, escaping the tax net. That Tamil Nadu is taxing bidis at 14.5 per cent was pointed out to him. Revenue generated as a result of tax increase based on RTI data was also highlighted. Joining the team was 28-year-old tobacco-induced victim. Dr Paul explained how the young man had lost his ability to speak clearly following a surgery to treat tobacco-induced  oral cancer. Chief Minister was pained to see the young man’s condition and expressed dismay on learning that two years of tobacco use had brought this malady to the youngster. Patient narrated his experience and said he knows of many friends who had cut down on cigarette consumption following tax increase and appealed to the Chief Minister to increase taxes on cigarettes and bring bidis under the tax net.

VoTV in Press conference asking for increased tobacco tax, in Rajasthan


VoTV in Association with RVHA organized a press conference, post budget session, seeking increase of taxes on tobacco and ban on zarda.

Dr. Pawan Singhal, VoTV patron explained the media how difficult it is to see people getting operated and losing part of their face due to tobacco consumption. He also mentioned that it is painful to see youth of this country losing their lives.

VoTV was done at TAPS workshop done by Union, in Jaipur, Rajasthan

rajasthan 5

VoTV was conducted by Dr. Pawan Singhal, in The 3rd National Training Program on TAPS (Tobacco Advertisement Promotion and Sponsorship) organized by The Union (International Union against Tuberculosis & Lung Disease) on 3-5 December 2014 at Hotel Country Inn, Jaipur.

Dr. Pawan Singhal (VoTV Patron & Head and Neck Surgeon, SMS Hospital) conducted the session on VoTV. VoTV patient (Tongue cancer patient) from Alwar told in an unclear voice that he had a very happy family to live, but chewing Gutka spoiled his family and life. Patient’s brother shared that not only the patient but also his family was affected due to Gutka related cancer.

VoTV in Workshop for Journalist students in Trivandrum, Kerala

VoTV and Tobacco Free Kerala in association with Institute of Journalism, Trivandrum organized a Media Workshop. The main agenda of this workshop was how ‘Media can be great partners in Tobacco and Drug control in Kerala.’

Dr. A S Pradeep, Nodal Officer, Tobacco Control in Kerala conducted VoTV with cancer patient. The patient explained how his life was affected due to tobacco. He requested media to support tobacco control activities in state. The objective of the workshop was to highlight the contribution of media in tobacco control in Kerala, sensitize/orient future journalists on the aspect of tobacco control reporting and to enhance proactive tobacco control reporting by the media.


Over 20 trainee journalists and top ranking journalist of media engaged and interacted with experts and asked many doubts under COTPA.

Tobacco victims video was played in the Monitoring meeting conducted at District collectors chamber Kozhikkode, Kerala


Tobacco victims video was screened in the meeting on Model District plan implementation chaired by District Collector of Kozhikkode. Representatives of Police, Health, and Education were present in the meeting that reviewed efforts taken up so far and decided to intensify action.

Tobacco Victims seek help from Kerala Governor for tobacco control in Kerala


VoTV was conducted by Dr. Paul Sebastian in meeting with Governor of Kerala. The meeting intention was mainly concentration on making all the educational institutions tobacco free. Dr Paul Sebastian, Director, RCC and Vice Chairman, Tobacco Free Kerala led the team.

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