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Tobacco Free Gurgaon – Media and ACP Police sensitized

VoTV team along with the City Police Department addressed the media representatives in National Capital Region on various tobacco control laws and steps taken in its effective implementation. VoTV patron Dr. Vedant Kabra – VoTV patron, Mr. Sanjay Seth – VoTV COO, Ashima Sarin – VoTV Project Director and Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Rajesh Kumar address the media.
Dr. Vedant Kabra explained the scenario of tobacco devastation in the country and the state. He explained that lives of thousands of innocent people can be saved by implementing of simple steps in tobacco control laws. He conducted VoTV with a patient and her son, who was also a tobacco chewer but had quit after his mother was diagnosed witch cancer.
Mr. Sanjay Seth explained COTPA 2003 and other tobacco control laws in brief.

Media sensitized for Tobacco Control in Uttarakhand

VoTV in collaboration with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India and Cancer Research Institute Swami Rama Himalayan University had organized a media workshop to sensitize Print and Electronic media representatives about the issues of tobacco control, ban on chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes.
The event started with a welcome address by VoTV Director Ashima Sarin. VoTV, its strength nationally and extend of VoTV in helping in tobacco control worldwide was explained in brief to the gathering.

Dr. Sunil Saini shared the harms of tobacco consumption and the state figures such as number of deaths due to tobacco and cancer cases in Uttarakhand. He also applauded the move of Uttarakhand Government in banning Gutka and pan masala (containing nicotine and tobacco). He conducted VoTV with 2 patients which helped media to realize the devastation caused due to tobacco consumption.

Media Sensitized in Madhya Pradesh

Dr. T P Sahoo conducted VoTV in Media Sensitization Workshop organized by VoTV at Bhopal.

VoTV patients participate in World Head and Neck Cancer Day in Rajasthan

VoTV patients were interviewed on World Head and Neck Cancer Day in Jaipur.

Pictorial Warnings and Tobacco Taxation in Rajasthan

VoTV patron Dr. Pawan Singhal in collaboration with RVHA and IACS organized a press conference in Jaipur regarding Pictorial warning on cigarette packets and roll back of tax by Rajasthan government.

Ministers and MLAs sensitized in Vidhan Sabha of Madhya Pradesh

VoTV patron Dr. T P Sahoo conducted a sensitization program in Vidhan Sabha on Tobacco Free Madhya Pradesh. Present audience included Ministers, Speaker and Deputy Speaker along with 30 MLAs.

VoTV patrons from North East gear up for tobacco control in state.

Team of VoTV patrons led by Dr. Amal Kataki and Dr. Ashok Das met and sensitized various Policy makers in the States of North East India. These policy makers were met to get their support towards tobacco control.


Governor of Assam and Meghalaya, Assam Health Minister, Assam Education Minister, Former Chief Minister of Assam, Assam MP were some of the people who were met during the last month. Editor of one of the most renowned Assamese daily was also met and sensitized to get support from media.

VoTV patrons meet in Delhi

In the verge of saving lives that are destroyed due to tobacco VoTV patrons from across the country had met to discuss strategies and plans going forward.

VoTV patrons from all India gathered on 27th and 28th of June 2015 to discuss various aspects of tobacco control through VoTV. Healis Director Dr. PC Gupta, VoTV COO – Mr. Sanjay Seth, VoTV project Director – Ms. Ashima Sarin, VoTV Project Coordinators from various states had also participated in the event.


Success stories of VoTV from Assam, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala were shared by respective patrons. Mr. Steve Tamplin from John Hopkins also gave a talk.

​​5 widows write to the Hon’ble PM on this World No Tobacco Day

30th May 2015

Dear Shri Narendra Modi,

Pranaam. Advance greetings from the widows of five former smokers and tobacco users on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day (31st May). We feel it is apt to greet you on this great occasion as the government is a major shareholder in the tobacco industry. Our late husbands have contributed considerable amounts to your government’s massive tax income from the tobacco industries, and also to the profits of Life Insurance Corporation, financial institutions, mutual funds etc, who hold about 35% shares in ITC and other tobacco companies.

We are writing to you also because, although state after state has banned chewing-tobacco Gutka, there is only one state where gutka is manufactured: Gujarat. It is the only state in entire India that continues to manufacture gutka. From there, it is smuggled to all other states of India, in violation of the bans. Surely you know this?

Mr Prime Minister, Sir, we beg to introduce ourselves and describe the ordeal that the tobacco industry has put us and our families through.

VoTV Patrons on the World No Tobacco Day


On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day patrons from Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Manipur, Punjab, Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh conducted various activities in their respective regions.

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