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Voice of Tobacco Victims Pays Homage to 10 Lakhs Indians on World No Tobacco Day at Rajghat in New Delhi


The name “cancer” spells dread for anyone. The word is considered synonymous with suffering and death. But no one can understand the true meaning of cancer more than us, who have undergone this unfortunate experience and survived. Almost all of us have suffered from mouth cancer due to addiction to smokeless/chewing tobacco like gutka, paan, pan masala, gudaku, mishri and other products. We live under constant threat of re-occurrence of the disease and the sword of death is forever hanging above our heads. Cancer has not only changed our lives, but also affected our families, near and dear ones.

VoTV sensitized Kota Range Police officials – Police pledged to save lives of innocent children in Rajasthan


Voice of Tobacco Victims sensitized Kota Range Police for implementation of COTPA in an event organized by RVHA at Kota City police conference hall, SP office Kota.

Dr. Mahendra Singh Hada, VoTV patron told about the ill-effects of consuming tobacco on physical and mental health. He also told that tobacco use is the main cause of cancer, which could be preventable.

VoTV in Colombo, Sri Lanka during the “CTFK-South Asian Lawyer’s Seminar for tobacco control”


VoTV was conducted by Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi for Lawyers of South Asia during the “CTFK-South Asian Lawyer’s Seminar for tobacco control” on 26th April 2014 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. A 29 year old cancer patient with terminal mouth cancer due to tobacco habit with an expected survival of 6 months shocked the lawyers. His wife and two young kids accompanied him. This was the initiation of Sri Lanka chapter for tobacco control.

VoTV in training for School Police Cadets by Kerala Police at G V Raja Sports school Aruvikkara, Trivandrum on 4th April 2014


On request from Trivandrum Rural Police, VoTV participated in the training of School Police Cadets in which 360 persons including police officials, students police cadets were present.

VoTV videos were shown in the event to sensitize the participants on the ill effects of tobacco.

Panel Discussion in Victers Channel – at Victers Studio, Trivandrum, Kerala


VoTV Kerala chapter organized a Panel Discussion in Victers Channel of the Department of Education, Government of Kerala on occasion of World Health Day. The recording was held on 2 April 2014 at Victers Channel Studio. Dr. Balagopal, RCC, Dr. Abhilash, SCTIMST and Mr. Sukumaran, Member, VoTV from Trivandrum participated in the discussion. Dr. Mini of Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies, Trivandrum moderated the discussion.

Victers Channel Broadcasted this Panel discussion in three episodes on 7th April World Health Day.

VoTV celebrated “TambakuDahan” in Bihar


VoTV celebrated “TambakuDahan” on 14th March, 2014 at Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Vaishali and Begusarai districts of Bihar. The movement was backed by Cancer Awareness Society, Indian Medical Association, Rotary Club & IDA. VoTV patrons Dr. V P Singh & Dr. Sobhana Chandra led the initiative.

Doctors, patients and local public participated in the movement. Dr .Pradeep Kumar VoTV patient, said, “This is a team work and efforts for creating greater impact on society with full passion, to eradicate fatal disease like cancer from innocent kids and other people of the society”. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Sunil Kr. Sinha & Dr. Sanjay Pankaj talked about cancer. The Movement was very effective and successful.

Media Coverage:

VoTV Kerala on air in a panel Discussion – All India Radio Review of pan masala ban implementation


A Panel discussion, reviewing the implementation of pan masala /gutka in Kerala was conducted on 21st March in the All India Radio, Trivandrum.

Food Safety Commissioner Shri K Anil Kumar, Medical Superintendent, RCC and VoTV Patron Shri K Ramadas and VoTV member Shri Rabi were the speakers.

The session, moderated by well-known journalist Shri Manoj Puthiyavila lasted over 40 minutes on the topics related to Health, legal and social aspects of pan masala /gutka.

VoTV (Kerala) invited for State Level Workshop on Non Communicable Disease at Regional Telecom Training Centre, Kaimanam, Trivandrum


VoTV was invited for a State Level Workshop on Non-communicable disease by Health Department. Participation included Police officials, Doctors, Health Inspectors and representatives of civil societies at Regional Telecom Training Centre, Kaimanam, Trivandrum, Kerala.

VoTV video was shown to sensitize the participants.


2nd VoTV Kerala State Chapter meeting held


VoTV state chapter meeting was held in Trivandrum on 10th March 2014. As part of the state level patrons training VoTV campaign in Kerala, doctors from different hospitals, Tobacco Free Kerala team members, VoTV Project Director and Coordinator, CTFK India Program Director were present in the meeting. Dr. Jayakrishnan explained review of VoTV interventions in the last six months since the launch.


Ashima Sarin, Project Director – VoTV explained what is Voice of Tobacco Victims with below points- main objectives of VoTV campaign in Kerala and VoTV Kerala Chapter’s role in tobacco control activities in the state.

Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi’s open letter to Anurag Kashyap for his petition challenging censor board notification

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