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Tobacco Free Gurgaon – Media and ACP Police sensitized


VoTV team along with the City Police Department addressed the media representatives in National Capital Region on various tobacco control laws and steps taken in its effective implementation. VoTV patron Dr. Vedant Kabra – VoTV patron, Mr. Sanjay Seth – VoTV COO, Ashima Sarin – VoTV Project Director and Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Rajesh Kumar address the media.

Dr. Vedant Kabra explained the scenario of tobacco devastation in the country and the state. He explained that lives of thousands of innocent people can be saved by implementing of simple steps in tobacco control laws. He conducted VoTV with a patient and her son, who was also a tobacco chewer but had quit after his mother was diagnosed witch cancer.
Mr. Sanjay Seth explained COTPA 2003 and other tobacco control laws in brief

Rajesh Kumar addressed the media by explaining the bold steps taken by Police Department in the city for effective enforcement of COTPA 2003 which will save lives in millions.


Media supporting tobacco control in Bihar


VoTV had organized a press conference to highlight the need of saving children from perils of tobacco through the launch of Tobacco Free Education Institution campaign.

Ms. Ashima Sarin, Campaign Director for VoTV started the program with introducing and welcoming the media personnel. She gave brief about VoTV and statistics of Bihar and how VoTV has been able to make an impact in saving lives from tobacco. Dr V P Singh VoTV patron did VoTV with 3 VoTV patients.

VoTV patients and family shared the story of their live and how it was destroyed due to tobacco. VoTV Chief Of Operations Sanjay Seth talked about the Tobacco Free Education Institution and how COTPA implementation can reduce consumption and prevention strategies are bound to make difference. The speakers also urged the media representatives for their sincere efforts and help in spreading awareness about Tobacco as well as tobacco control laws in the division.

Outcome: 48 journalists attended the event and assured complete support towards tobacco control laws implementation.

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VoTV in Gutka Ban findings dissemination workshop

VoTV was done by Dr. T P Sahoo in dissemination workshop of Gutka ban findings. This was organized in association with the John Hopkins Centre for Communication Programs, India.

Dr. Sahoo shared that tobacco menace is killing 10 lakh people every year in India. And Gutka was one of the leading causes for oral cancer in the country. He explained that Gutka ban has not only saved the future generation from getting entangled in the dangerous habit of tobacco but also convinced most of Gutka users to quit it.

VoTV cancer patients Mr. Prajesh and Sajid explained that they were prey to habit of tobacco at a young age and have suffered a lot because of it. They added that by banning a product like tobacco Government have displayed a phenomenal interest in public health.

Hon’ble Deepak Joshi – State Minister for School and Higher Education preceded the event by releasing the fact sheet pertaining to ban.

Outcome: Media and gathered audience sensitized.

Media Links:


VoV Healis launches Tobacco Free Education Institutes in Assam

Healis Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health Tata Trust in collaboration with Voice of Tobacco Victims (VoTV), and Dr. B Borooah Cancer Institute did a press conference for launch of Tobacco Free Educational Institutes campaign in Assam.

Ashima Sarin, Project Director VoTV shared the burden of tobacco epidemic in the state and the need of Tobacco Free Educational Institutes campaign. Dr. Amal Chandra Kataki VoTV patron, Director of Dr B Borooah Cancer Institute explained that he sees many younger patients coming with tobacco related oral cancers and prevention would be the only solution to counter these deadly diseases. Support from the Education Department is commendable for implementing the COTPA law in Education Institutes and such initiative is major step to save the youth. Dr. Ashok Das Senior Surgeon of Dr B Borooah Cancer Institute conducted VoTV with two patients.

VoTV cancer victims Mr. Lakhi Narayan Sahu, Mr. Ram Ch Dey and Mrs. Kopahi Devi suffering from mouth and oral cancer shared about their pain and loss due to tobacco consumption.

Sanjay Seth Chief of Operation of Healis Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health explained about the Tobacco Free Educational Institutes (TFEI) and how it will be implement in the Education Institutes as per law COTPA. There were 24 media participants in the gathering of 40 people.

Outcome: Media sensitized, wide media coverage acquired.

Media Links:


Pictorial Warnings and Tobacco Taxation in Rajasthan

VoTV patron Dr. Pawan Singhal in collaboration with RVHA and IACS organized a press conference in Jaipur regarding Pictorial warning on cigarette packets and roll back of tax by Rajasthan government.

Dr. Virendra Singh – VoTV State Chapter President, Sh. Dharamveer Katewa, Rahul Joshi (Advocate), Dr. Pawan Singhal – VoTV patron, Sanjay Seth and Ashima Sarin were present in the event.

Dr. Virendra Singh, VoTV President told that use of tobacco products leads to more than 25 types of cancer. Dr. Pawan Singhal – VoTV Patron told that the tobacco product should be banned owing for their dangers on human life and health. State Government spends more money on treatment of tobacco related diseases than the revenue generated from it.

Advocate Rahul Joshi who filed a writ petition against the pictorial warning and tax issue in court mentioned that this fight will continue until Govt takes necessary actions about Pictorial warning and tax issue.

An open letter to Mr. James Bond for promoting Pan Masala


Dear Mr. Brosnan,

I am your ardent admirer. I work as a cancer surgeon in India’s premier cancer centre – I am shocked that you decided to promote a flavoured areca nut product in India. I have 10 questions to ask from you.

VoTV Healis launches Tobacco Free Education Institutes in Assam

Healis Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health Tata Trust in collaboration with Voice of Tobacco Victims (VoTV), and Dr. B Borooah Cancer Institute did a press conference for launch of Tobacco Free Educational Institutes campaign in Assam.

Widows of former tobacco users wrote to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to implement larger pictorial warning

Voice of Tobacco Victims (VoTV) led a campaign for pictorial warning with Widows of 5 Tobacco Victims writing a letter to Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. This was in continuation with the Pictorial warning that VoTV had done by sending a letter with support of 653 doctors writing to PM.

Doctors and Civil societies write to Prime Minister of India asking for implementation of 85% pictorial warning

Voice of Tobacco Victims (VoTV) on behalf of 653 doctors from all India wrote to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and Union Health & Family Welfare Minister to implement 85% pictorial warnings on all tobacco products on 25th March 2016.

Doctors and civil societies ask for 85% pictorial warning on Tobacco products in Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Vishal Rao conducted VoTV in a press conference organized in association with Institute of Public Health demanding the Union Govt to implement 85% Pictorial warning on all tobacco products.

Dr. Vishal Rao, Dr. Upendra Bhojani of IPH, Ms. Jayna Kothari – Advocate and Dr. Banu Prakash – Neuro Surgeon along with VoTV patient addressed the media in the conference.

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