VoTV in Gutka Ban findings dissemination workshop

VoTV was done by Dr. T P Sahoo in dissemination workshop of Gutka ban findings. This was organized in association with the John Hopkins Centre for Communication Programs, India.

Dr. Sahoo shared that tobacco menace is killing 10 lakh people every year in India. And Gutka was one of the leading causes for oral cancer in the country. He explained that Gutka ban has not only saved the future generation from getting entangled in the dangerous habit of tobacco but also convinced most of Gutka users to quit it.

VoTV cancer patients Mr. Prajesh and Sajid explained that they were prey to habit of tobacco at a young age and have suffered a lot because of it. They added that by banning a product like tobacco Government have displayed a phenomenal interest in public health.

Hon’ble Deepak Joshi – State Minister for School and Higher Education preceded the event by releasing the fact sheet pertaining to ban.

Outcome: Media and gathered audience sensitized.

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