Tobacco Free Gurgaon – Media and ACP Police sensitized


VoTV team along with the City Police Department addressed the media representatives in National Capital Region on various tobacco control laws and steps taken in its effective implementation. VoTV patron Dr. Vedant Kabra – VoTV patron, Mr. Sanjay Seth – VoTV COO, Ashima Sarin – VoTV Project Director and Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Rajesh Kumar address the media.

Dr. Vedant Kabra explained the scenario of tobacco devastation in the country and the state. He explained that lives of thousands of innocent people can be saved by implementing of simple steps in tobacco control laws. He conducted VoTV with a patient and her son, who was also a tobacco chewer but had quit after his mother was diagnosed witch cancer.
Mr. Sanjay Seth explained COTPA 2003 and other tobacco control laws in brief

Rajesh Kumar addressed the media by explaining the bold steps taken by Police Department in the city for effective enforcement of COTPA 2003 which will save lives in millions.

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