Pictorial Warnings and Tobacco Taxation in Rajasthan

VoTV patron Dr. Pawan Singhal in collaboration with RVHA and IACS organized a press conference in Jaipur regarding Pictorial warning on cigarette packets and roll back of tax by Rajasthan government.

Dr. Virendra Singh – VoTV State Chapter President, Sh. Dharamveer Katewa, Rahul Joshi (Advocate), Dr. Pawan Singhal – VoTV patron, Sanjay Seth and Ashima Sarin were present in the event.

Dr. Virendra Singh, VoTV President told that use of tobacco products leads to more than 25 types of cancer. Dr. Pawan Singhal – VoTV Patron told that the tobacco product should be banned owing for their dangers on human life and health. State Government spends more money on treatment of tobacco related diseases than the revenue generated from it.

Advocate Rahul Joshi who filed a writ petition against the pictorial warning and tax issue in court mentioned that this fight will continue until Govt takes necessary actions about Pictorial warning and tax issue.

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