Media supporting tobacco control in Bihar


VoTV had organized a press conference to highlight the need of saving children from perils of tobacco through the launch of Tobacco Free Education Institution campaign.

Ms. Ashima Sarin, Campaign Director for VoTV started the program with introducing and welcoming the media personnel. She gave brief about VoTV and statistics of Bihar and how VoTV has been able to make an impact in saving lives from tobacco. Dr V P Singh VoTV patron did VoTV with 3 VoTV patients.

VoTV patients and family shared the story of their live and how it was destroyed due to tobacco. VoTV Chief Of Operations Sanjay Seth talked about the Tobacco Free Education Institution and how COTPA implementation can reduce consumption and prevention strategies are bound to make difference. The speakers also urged the media representatives for their sincere efforts and help in spreading awareness about Tobacco as well as tobacco control laws in the division.

Outcome: 48 journalists attended the event and assured complete support towards tobacco control laws implementation.

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