VoTV patrons meet in Delhi

In the verge of saving lives that are destroyed due to tobacco VoTV patrons from across the country had met to discuss strategies and plans going forward.

VoTV patrons from all India gathered on 27th and 28th of June 2015 to discuss various aspects of tobacco control through VoTV. Healis Director Dr. PC Gupta, VoTV COO – Mr. Sanjay Seth, VoTV project Director – Ms. Ashima Sarin, VoTV Project Coordinators from various states had also participated in the event.


Success stories of VoTV from Assam, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala were shared by respective patrons. Mr. Steve Tamplin from John Hopkins also gave a talk.

Former Health Secretary of H&FW, Former Secretary Department of Consumer Affairs explained the efforts put by several policy makers and bureaucrats in tobacco control.


Following day Mr. Sanjay Seth gave a session on Framework of VoTV strategies which was followed by an Interactive session moderated by Ms. Ashima and Mr. Steve Tamplin.


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