VoTV was done at TAPS workshop done by Union, in Jaipur, Rajasthan

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VoTV was conducted by Dr. Pawan Singhal, in The 3rd National Training Program on TAPS (Tobacco Advertisement Promotion and Sponsorship) organized by The Union (International Union against Tuberculosis & Lung Disease) on 3-5 December 2014 at Hotel Country Inn, Jaipur.

Dr. Pawan Singhal (VoTV Patron & Head and Neck Surgeon, SMS Hospital) conducted the session on VoTV. VoTV patient (Tongue cancer patient) from Alwar told in an unclear voice that he had a very happy family to live, but chewing Gutka spoiled his family and life. Patient’s brother shared that not only the patient but also his family was affected due to Gutka related cancer.

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Dr. Pawan Singhal, VoTV Patron & Head and Neck Surgeon, SMS Hospital told that that no one can believe and can see how it is painful when a doctor operate a cancer patient but the doctor would feels very bad when he operate a young man who got cancer due to use of tobacco which is avoidable. More money is wasted in treatment rather than the revenue generated through tobacco product.

Sh. Babulal Verma, Honorable Minister, Department of Transport, assured to make all the transport sectors tobacco and smoke free. He also mentioned that he will adopt one village and make it tobacco free.

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