VoTV in Workshop for Journalist students in Trivandrum, Kerala

VoTV and Tobacco Free Kerala in association with Institute of Journalism, Trivandrum organized a Media Workshop. The main agenda of this workshop was how ‘Media can be great partners in Tobacco and Drug control in Kerala.’

Dr. A S Pradeep, Nodal Officer, Tobacco Control in Kerala conducted VoTV with cancer patient. The patient explained how his life was affected due to tobacco. He requested media to support tobacco control activities in state. The objective of the workshop was to highlight the contribution of media in tobacco control in Kerala, sensitize/orient future journalists on the aspect of tobacco control reporting and to enhance proactive tobacco control reporting by the media.


Over 20 trainee journalists and top ranking journalist of media engaged and interacted with experts and asked many doubts under COTPA.

Dr. A S Pradeep kumar Shri Rabi, a tobacco use cancer victim, shared his experience, requested students to keep away from this dangerous product and fight against this menace.kerala_0002

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