VoTV sensitized Kota Range Police officials – Police pledged to save lives of innocent children in Rajasthan


Voice of Tobacco Victims sensitized Kota Range Police for implementation of COTPA in an event organized by RVHA at Kota City police conference hall, SP office Kota.

Dr. Mahendra Singh Hada, VoTV patron told about the ill-effects of consuming tobacco on physical and mental health. He also told that tobacco use is the main cause of cancer, which could be preventable.



Mr. Vikram Singh Raghav, Project Director, Rajasthan VHA briefed regarding the COTPA laws and their proper implementation. He told that police can save many lives through strictly implementing COTPA.
Tobacco victim Mr. S.K.Verma (Cancer patient) shared his melancholic story in front of the police officials.

All SPs heard all the deliverables given by doctor, patient and assured for positive action.

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