Maharashtra’s Teen cancer victim Roshan Wankhede hails gutka ban

Roshan Wankhede (18) would have passed his HSC exams this year, but for the fact that he had to undergo surgery for removal of nearly half of his upper jaw. Roshan has been suffering from last-stage mouth cancer for over a year.

Roshan was 13 years old when he started chewing tobacco because of peer pressure. A sachet or two occasionally soon turned to seven to eight sachets a day. “I wanted to do what all my friends did. Of the 50 students in our class, 10 used to consume paan masala. It was all for fun,” said the Amravati resident. “My parents didn’t know that I had this habit,” he said.

What started as small ulcers developed into full-fledged cancer on the roof of Roshan’s mouth within months. Local doctors advised him to go to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, as they were sure that the problem was more than just ulcers.

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