Delhi Tobacco Victims thank Union Health Ministry for Gutka Ban

On this World No Tobacco Day (31st May 2012), VoTV showed its appreciation by organizing an in the Constitution Club, New Delhi from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Keshav Desiraju (Special Secretary), Dinesh Trivedi (Ex-Railway Minister),  Shakuntla Gamlin (Joint Secretary) and Ashwini Rai (FDA Commissioner, MP), Biju Prabhakar (FDA Commissioner, Kerala) were present on this auspicious day.

A gathering of about 70 people participated support the event included, VoTV, CTFK, VoTV patron, Voluntary Health Association of India, Indian Dental Association, Indian Medical Association, Indian Cancer Society, MP doctors association,  tobacco victims (VoTV members) and media personnel.

VoTV members Sachin Goel, HS Vijay, Navin Khanna, Sumeet Shrivastav, Devendra Singh, Amit Baliyaan, Azad Singh Ahlawat personally thanked the ministry with bouquets appreciating the ban on Gutka. Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Bihar has implemented the ban on Gutka.

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