Why are PSUs Investing in Tobacco Firms, Cancer patient Tali Kamsi asks Pranab Mukherjee

Cancer Patient Tali Kamsi

Cancer Patient Tali Kamsi

30-yr-old tobacco user, who has lost a major portion of his tongue to cancer after undergoing three surgeries, issues fervent plea not to encourage tobacco firms by investing in them. “Why and how do our government-owned companies invest so hugely in Indian Tobacco Company?” is what Tali Kamsi asks in gestures, lying on the hospital cot. After the third surgery, which has left a major part of his tongue removed, his speech is quite incoherent and his mother, Kengam, played interpreter when Mumbai Mirror met Tali. He started smoking when he was 22 years old, has tongue cancer. He has already undergone two surgeries at a hospital in the capital of his home state, Itanagar.

Only recently he has written to Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, seeking to know why government firms park their investment in the tobacco company. His letter to the finance ministry reads: “I have learnt that government-owned companies are among six op 6 shareholders in Indian Tobacco Company.

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