An open letter to President Obama on successful Quitting

Dear President Obama,

I am writing on behalf of thousands of cancer patients in India who got their cancers due to tobacco. They have started a campaign in India called – “Voice of Tobacco Victims” to use their own sad stories to deter others from picking up this habit. You may know more about this campaign from its website –



Congratulation on your successful quitting! We are aware that after decades of struggle and motivation from Michelle, you have successfully quit tobacco. This will make you a proud father, a proud husband and ensure a productive life that will benefit your countrymen too. You would agree that elimination of terrorism is lot easier, though it kills a fraction of what tobacco does, than controlling tobacco companies.

While you claim to succeed in the war on Terrorism, you are still struggling against Big Tobacco.  Your predecessor went on a billion dollar hunt for WMD in Iraq, but bewares of US tobacco companies financing WMD (aka Tobacco) that has unleashed trails of devastation world over.  While USA boasts of steep decline in US smoking rates, your companies are pushing smoking in other parts of world from your soil. Hillary had recently said with reference to Pakistan –“You can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect it to only bite neighbours”. Mr Obama, we humbly suggest that you keep this in mind when it comes to big tobacco companies operating from USA.

Sir, you had access to the best health care facility in the world and took almost a decade to quit. Think of the world where there is plenty of tobacco but no health care facility or cessation activity! In such country tobacco companies offer a one way ticket that invariably leads to death and disability. This is the only industry that kills its best patrons! Only 2% of Indians are able to quit tobacco that too after getting serious illnesses.

We hope you will understand the hardships and despair faced by a tobacco user. We hope you will understand the gravity of the situation that world is facing today. The enormity of the problem could be gauged by the fact that United Nation hosted a special summit on the issue of tobacco menace on 19th and 20th September, 2011. If tobacco remains uncontrolled, it will kill one billion people in this century. There is nothing more urgent than Tobacco Control.

We are submitting a cartoon that depicts you as an anti-tobacco man because of your unprecedented support to tobacco control movement in USA.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a New Year……and a tobacco free 2012!

Cancer patients of “Voice of Tobacco Victims” campaign


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