ITC promotes its cigarette brand with school children thru ITC Young Author Contest & Wills Classmate Ideas for India Challenge

VoTV members have written to several Ministers in the states and in New Delhi to stop ITC’s campaign such as “ITC-Classmate Ideas for India Challenge”, which engage school children and College students. India’s leading cigarete manufacturer Indian Tobacco Company, is embarking on a nationwide campaign to improve their dwindling brand image school children and college youth. This is also a kind of surrogate advertisement. We are dismayed that they are being allowed to go ahead with such a sinister surrogate campaign at a time with Ministry of Health has embarked on an ambitious National Tobacco Control Program. MOH has also sounded a red alert for rising tobacco related illnesses. How can we expect the manufacturer of a product that is leading cause of preventable death amongst youth to work with kids and teens and talk about their empowerment? The best thing they can do for the youth and the nation is to stop producing cigarettes! They have already been indulging in such activities in past with the WILLS LIFESTYLE brand and also WILLS FASHION WEEK sponsorships.  Cancer survivors, their relatives, Medical Fraternity, public health groups condemn this advertising campaign that will only worsen the tobacco habit amongst youth. VoTV members are urging Minsiters and Bureaucrats to stop ITC and also writing to school Principals not to participate in this activity.

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